Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ways to Keep Monogamy Hot!

In the first stages of a relationship, you and man are more than likely having mind-blowing sex. Everything is new, you are no longer shopping around for a special someone, and after all that dating game business, you're both surging with sexual electricity. But, after a while, things start to slow down in the sack and life does that "go on" thing. Everyone knows that if you're not staying passionate, things can become dull.

To keep things bangin' in the bedroom and in your monogamous relationship, takes maintenance. You must freshen things up and use your imagination so your honey doesn't lose interest. This will allow your romance to blossom into a pleasurable, long-lasting experience that will help you bond physically and emotionally. These tantalizing tips will have him throbbing for some together time and make the sex super exciting!

Flirt Like Crazy

As a former single lady, you know that your alluring charm will tickle his senses and set his mind on you. Be sure to give him those manly compliments that involve his strength, size, and stamina. Men love to hear about how they make you feel physically. Tell him secret things you love about his body; things that you have never told him. Kiss his neck while you whisper to him how good he smells and let him know that he turns you on.

Wine and Dine

A date night is crucial to the growth of your relationship in general. And, you need to remind him of why he asked you to be his woman. If he cannot set the plans, surprise him with dinner, whether it is at home or at a restaurant. At this time, make him forget all the stressful events of the day with your witty jokes and fabulous and continuous smile. Giggle at his jokes and he will feel like a school boy for sure, and believe it or not, he loves the sound of your laugh.

BIG-TIME Foreplay

After a night of flirty fun, take him home, on a mission to please. To-be-sure, he loves to feel your hands all over him, so be all dominant and make him lay down stark naked and give him an awesome full-body massage. He will not be able to hide his smile while you give him tons of this physical attention. Use your power here to tease his body by touching him intimately as well but don't over do it yet. When you get down to the serious foreplay, use your tongue to make him crazy over you. Making out is a great way to work you both up without spoiling the passion. Be sure to lick all the cut lines on his body and throw in some petting. This will light his fire.

Get Dirty

Sometimes your partner needs to feel like he is single, to give him that feeling of excitement. To satisfy this urge you need to do some things that may be out of your normal character. Instead of the usual methods of undressing the normal missionary position, get a little bold.

 Perform a strip tease that will leave him wondering where you got those moves. Stripper fitness programs will help you to prepare for this type of treat. And, brush up on your position and technique knowledge, then let him have it by surprise, of course. You can even use videos and toys to entice him further, just be sure that he is into it.

Ladies, these steps are sure to keep him wanting you, even after he has seen you in sweat pants. If you have some additional tips, tell me about them in the comments below. I would also love to hear how these tips benefited you.  Be sure to like and share...Kisses! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

6 Signs That He is Lying

It seems that the guy you have decided to give your time to is pretty comfortable with you. You are confident in the progress of the relationship. But lately, something isn't quite right. He is different or distant; maybe less interested. As you begin to ask questions, you see a side of him that you haven't experienced before. According to his reaction, you may be wondering if he is lying to you...hiding something. These signs will let you know if he is telling tales, or if you are overreacting.

His Attitude Changes 

If he is normally a down-to-earth kind of guy and is comfortable with speaking to you face to face, but suddenly starts to mumble when he is telling about his day, he could just have a tooth ache, but if not, turn on the observation radar. He may then try to distract you in the middle of his explanation, complimenting you on your new manicure that he never regularly notices. This may be an attempt to drop the subject. He may also seem fidgety, sweaty, or unusually agitated.

Lack of Eye Contact

I know a couple of people who do not meet me eye-to-eye, simply because they are shy. But you know your guy. If he has a hard time making eye contact when you are wondering why he ditched you on date night, then he very well, may be conjuring up a story. This sign also shows the person to be a bad liar. Not only that but they are afraid of you finding out by looking into those peepers. The reason for this is, he knows that you notice a change; a shift in the axis of your relationship and that his behavior has been different.

Response Delay

Whether you are texting or speaking in person, long pauses are definite lie indicators when it involves
you searching for relationship reassurance. He should not have to think about his feelings for you or
about what he did while out with the fellas the night before, when he didn't come home. Truth flows easily from a person's mouth. They should not have to ponder it.

Abruptly Defensive

Inner guilt is the greatest enemy of a liar. It will remind him constantly of his dirty deeds, which will cause the feeling of shame. This is hurtful and can quickly trigger the emotion of anger. Moreover, if this person is determined to hide his deeds and if he has wronged you, it is bound to have an impact on how you are treated. You will become the reflection of the guilt that is in him at that time and his own paranoia of the situation will lead him to believe that you already know. So, when you ask a question, he may snap back at you with questions like, "what did I do now" He may turn it around on you, which leads us to the next sign.


Momma always said that if he is accusing with no good reason he might be doing it. Well she was right (as usual). He may feel the need to get off of some of that guilt, thinking by chance you may carry some of it. He doesn't want to come out looking like the bad guy, so why not tear you down a bit to make you look as shady as he, and is a clear indication that he is attempting to cover something.

Your Intuition

Women have a crazy, strong sixth sense. We can tell you when the baby is going to cry, and will pick up the phone just before it rings. It is a gift. We also feel tension just like everyone else. Pay attention to your inside self. If the situation seems weird, question it. You are usually right, and that is not just a biased comment made by a woman. This goes for men as well. People are equipped with observation skills. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a get the picture.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Tips for Choosing Awesome Zumba Footwear

Zumba is renowned for its body shaping fitness programs that blend hot Latin dances with numerous cardiopulmonary exercise, various environments (in water), and even martial arts. Professionals know this activity covers many activities that affect the feet. Choosing the most efficient dance slash workout shoe is important for safety, balance, and comfort. These tips will help you choose the perfect Zumba shoe.

The Bend

 An arch, the raised a part of the foot is made up of tendons, ligaments, and connecting bones. It is a multifarious set up of shared oblique and longitudal bends. It usually absorbs a bulk of the impact a foot endures. You may need to recognize the peak of your arch if you would like to seek out the shoe that is most accommodating for you.


These versatile arches have a tendency to cause over rotation of the heel when the foot strikes the bottom. This can cause heel pain or joint discomfort of the ankle. Motion-control is that the key with these flat bottoms. Folks with low arches need to limit the motion of the ankle whereas adding provision to the facet of the bottom as they ballroom dance, to keep from damaging tendons. Typically someone with low or no bend have wider feet. These shoes vary wide for supplemental comfort and control.


Also called the conventional arch, it is the common curve for many folks. It is also the best type for correct ankle alignment and rotation of the foot as you dance the pounds away on the Zumba floor. The regular arch needs a shoe that delivers general stability. This reinforcement can allow the foot to handle the strength of unexpected movements and impacts, while not hampering your performance. This makes it simple for you to Samba your way into great shape.


This is considered a slight deformity that produces less expanse by the foot because of a high bow. This condition could feel as if you are constantly fighting for balance, due to the pressure of concentrated weight on the heel and the ball of the foot. This leaves the arch to endure more of the blow. Too much pressure on this region of your pads could cause what is called the sunken arch or flat foot. It occurs when the arch collapses. The condition can be caused by sinew wound or overexertion This can cause painful inflammation and problems implementing various activities. Those
who have a high arch writhe from under pronation, which can be agonizing for the lower body. For max support, a softer mid-sole shoe is appropriate. This can be found in footwear that incorporates a thicker insole that absorbs the jolt, making for better body swaying reinforcement.

Comfort and style

Comfort is an athlete’s best unbroken secret. It provides strength to weak areas and for your feet while allowing relaxation, which is crucial. Comfort allows you to focus on your moves instead of worrying about the blisters forming on your Achilles’ tendon.

Finding the correct footwear for your Zumba workout is important to the health and stability of your feet, ankles, and joints. Enhancing awareness of your chiropody needs can provide insight on the way to opt for the right shoe.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wardrobe Basics: Must-haves For Men

Fashion is a ever-changing industry that prospers upon the next clothing revolution. However, the normal man is not exactly spellbound by the fashions of the runway. They want comfort and suitability, with an easy-going yet bold style.

The Power Suit

Whether you are looking for the next position or pulling that 9 to 5, a striking power suit will give you the self-assurance you need to make the deal or the nerve to ask for that much needed raise. Let them know you are serious with a black or navy colored suit. The grey shades are looking fashionable this season as well. The great thing about a solid suit is that you can simply perk it up with a vibrant tie.


Khakis carry a neutral and refined look that can be enhanced for a semi-formal look or thrown together with a polo style shirt and you are set for play time with the kids at the park. The khaki’s versatile look is universal and conforms to the look you desire. No closet is whole without a pair to link your garments. 


Loafers are convenient slip on shoes that range in styles from casual to business. They look trendy with shorts and sock are optional. They have many names like, ponies and penny loafers, which were given because people would place pennies in the fold on the top of the shoe (obviously a long time ago) to save for pay phone calls.                                                                                                                           

White Button-up

A casual, short or long sleeved white button-up (or down) shirt will bridge every look by carrying a style for endless options. Choose a shirt that portrays your personality, as there are numerous varieties to choose from such as, preppy, formal, or casual.


Guard those baby blues by reflecting glare in style, with a tasteful pair of sunglasses. They add charm to your demeanor and are inexpensive. Whatever your taste, you gotta wear shades to add flare to your look. Be sure to go for quality glasses to ensure that they shield the eyes from any powerful illumination such as UV rays.


Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are the cultural models of clothing that merge comfort and style to any outfit. They have rode on celebrity coat tails to the hall of fashion fame. This must-have is sure to excite any look and give you a little attitude with it. The coat makes jeans classy and gives you the debonair aura that the ladies love.

The Smart Watch                                                                                        

Technology and fashion come together at its finest. The hottest wear are smart watches. They act as a mini iPhone or Android that is continuously strapped to your wrist. By the way, these devices are compatible to both operating systems. Raise your hand and cup you ear to answer a call. It reads the vibrations from your voice when you speak, activating the speakers in the back of the watch to initiate, allowing you to hear the caller. You have access to texting, GPS, music apps and more. They come in the casual style that have brighter colors and the more modernly sophisticated models.

These pieces add flair to all your looks, complete your wardrobe, and provide you with the basic tailored must-haves for every man.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Foods That Increase Sex Drive

Author’s Note: Please try to ignore the ridiculous amount of sexual puns in the text. Thank you.

Sex is one of the most intimate and passionate activities in the world. The original reason for the act was to multiply for survival, but human beings now participate in intimacy for purpose of bonding emotionally and obviously, having fun. For the sexual procedure to work effectively, it will involve the libido, which is the sex drive, or the orgasmic urge, feelings, and ambiances involved with sex. As you age, the libido can slowly diminish, due to mid-life body changes (or crises) such as menopause and loss of testosterone. Hormone or testosterone treatments are common substitutes for low drive; however, there is an instinctive method. It’s called eating.
These foods can help to replace the nutrients that increase that libido, making way for more “doin’ it”.
Anyone that knows me understands why this at the top of all my food lists!

The romantic connection between sex and chocolate is famous worldwide (Valentine’s Day). This is because the phenyethylamine and theobromine in the sweet, give you feelings of adoration. Phenyethylamine is a natural component found in the cocoa bean. It kindles the nervous system and as a result, increases sexual desire and function. Theobromine is an energizer that is kind of like caffeine and doubles as a mild anti-depressant by triggering endorphins, calming anxiety and stress.
Bananas contain many special nutrients that get your pants dancing, such as the bromelain enzyme, also in pineapple juice. Enzymes make life-supporting cells. Bromelain aids in digestion by quickly breaking down proteins in your body. It also reverses impotence or a lack in the ability to reach or keep an erection. Bananas also contain protein and B vitamins, more precisely vitamin B6. This B rouses the androgenic gland, which is involved in the growth of the male testes and tells them to make testosterone.

Watermelon is a great sexual motivation boosting food that operates as a biological male enhancer. This tasty and succulent melon is packed with amino acids. On top of making that desired protein, it improves blood flow to the man area, by dilating vessels and bringing on an erection. Just a few slices of watermelon gives you the same exciting results as the little blue pill (yes, that one). Watermelon also contains oxytocin, a molecule that act as endorphins. This hormone effects human emotion. It is freed during acts of intimate interaction such as snuggling and caressing. Oxytocin is said to be the influence of strong relationships.

Named by Aztecs as the “testicle tree”, its bared fruit, avocados have lived up to the brand not only by shape but also by the effects on the libido. Like bananas, they contain the B vitamins and proteins that get those hormones flowing in men and women. Menopause, which is the disturbance of the menstruation cycle due to the wearying of ovaries, reducing desire for sex and affecting the physical aspects of sexual interest such as vaginal moisture. Avocados lessen the impression of menopause by stimulating the thyroid gland, increasing arousal in women.

Heightening the libido is essential in bonding us within our relationships and for child rearing. As we age, the declining sex drive can cause problems in the bedroom and for overall health. Mid-life conditions make arousal difficult to reach, which makes the situation worse. These foods contain the nutrients you need to replenish that mojo.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Good Ol' H2O

This is a modified excerpt from a 2000 word report I did for a client on the benefits of water. I will be adding more sample of my health blog topics in the near future. This was Not the title....just sayin.

It has been discovered that water is essential to the beauty of our skin. It helps collagen to support skin tissue, along with renewing skin cells to keep them firm. It also clears dirt, toxins, and waste from pores, allowing natural protective moisturizers to reach to the surface of the skin where it mixes with sweat and lipids (fat) to create a hydrating wall. The skin is not the only beneficiary of water. It provides nourishment to internal cells and organs as well. Keeping you healthy from the inside out.


Weight and Water                                                                                   

Millions of people in the world are now monitoring calorie intake. Some are doing so to keep health issues at bay such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. Others are fighting obesity or just keeping themselves fit. Many of these plans recommend the consumption of water for nutritive benefits such as:

           Cutting calories – the consumption of water before a meal will provides you with that full feeling, and reduces average food intake by about 80 calories. Replacing sodas and other beverages also helps to decrease the consumption.

           Fat burning – water increases the metabolism, which is the speed at which food transforms into life-sustaining vitality. This in turn, allow you to dissolve more of that fat, which gets rid of that age defining, lumpy fat deposits in the skin, also known as cellulite.



Detoxification is another duty that water performs internally. This procedure cleanses organs and carries waste out of the body. Failing to drink enough water causes central systems to become worn or clogged. Bacteria build up in the bladder may lead to infection and constipation may occur. However washing away this buildup can extend longevity of life by preventing diseases from settling inside the body.


Oxygen and Water

Breathing is the process of drawing in and exhaling oxygen while carrying it to cells of the body through the lungs. Oxygen contains water vapor, carbon dioxide, and energy, which are made through the biochemical practice of respiration. During respiration, water is considered excess waste and is released into the blood. It then attaches itself to cells in the body, replenishing needed oxygen and nutrients.



Healthy Joints

It is also a natural lubricant for joints that relieves pain and inflexibility. Cartilage is the elastic tissue in between bones that protects them from abrasion and damage. It is a connective tissue that consists of 85% water, meaning that if you don’t hydrate enough, joints could become irritated and painful with movement. This could lead to more serious problems involving bone and muscle health. That is why maintaining physical well-being is indirectly dependant upon joint health, especially in the elderly. They tend to lose water in the joints more easily.


Health is the epitome of happiness. Water, the mystical, life-sustaining element, is vital to the well-being of every living organism and maintains that stability, which lead to a long and health-filled life.
What are some concerns you have involving water and your health and do you feel you are getting enough? Do you think the traditional 8 glasses a day sustain us as it did before the fitness fad emerged? Tell me your thoughts below. Happy hydrating!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Relationship Idiot

Lacking the understanding of relationships and how to grow them are roots of the awkward
situations in one's social life. Those spots in time that are smudged by the inability to say what is in you. We miss out on this opportunity everyday. Then, expecting others to be honest with us emotionally and are then heart broken when we find they are just as much the relationship idiot as we are. Yet we continue to miscommunicate, taking for granted those who actually want to deepen their bond with us.

Maybe there is a fear of inconvenience, the thought of having to pay attention to a person other than you. Or, you're keeping that someone around to boost the old ego; reassuring you that you "still got it". Maybe they are there only to fall back on if the good relationships don't workout. Like a back up roll of toilet paper to wipe your ass on.

It could be that underlying thought of inferiority. By seeing how perfect one appears, another automatically feels not good enough. That triggers the competitive nature, causing the inferior to, almost without will, humiliate themselves by performing stunts and jumping through hoops to gain the attention of others or to persuade them that they would do well to give them a shot.

We all do this, and when they don't bite the bait, we become overwhelmed with self-loathing, secretly blaming them for thinking that the fake person representing us at that moment is not super cool.

But, there are things you can do to avoid the misconstrued entanglements that once were or could become a good thing:

You have to first be honest with you. No matter how much you want things to go a certain way, they may not. The situation may actually suck. You cant go around thinking that if you brown-nose enough that this person will discover how wonderful you are and come running.

If the situation sucks because you are wasting every one's time by keeping your mouth shut, Stop. It is never good to keep vital, relationship-saving information  inside of you, just because you have a mild case of relationship phobia. And if it will never be more than a casual friendship, state that. There is nothing that diminishes misunderstandings of relationships more than honesty. But try not to be rude about it.

NEVER settle for less than you know that you want...deep down in your heart. Just because someone shows you attention doesn't mean they have the correct intentions, or that they even respect you in any way. Being led on and dropped repeatedly, causes all kinds of hard feelings. And that doesn't happen when someone respects the fact that you have feelings.

 Also, don't ever let anyone keep you around to break you down. You are valuable to the people who really care, not the ones that compare you to or boast about others in order to give you guidelines on what is expected. There is no one in the world like you, so do not allow people to put you under judgment of their standards.

Do not be afraid to say what you feel. You deserve to have a voice and may never get the opportunity in the future. The situation may be scary, but it is better to do, fail, and get back up than to do nothing and die.

If you have had a recent encounter with a relationship idiot tell me about it below. Just change the names to protect them. ;)