Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am sick to death of people in this country acting like they are entitled to the services that the government offers and boasting about it! Yes, I am a single mother of 4 children and I HAVE to get some assistance because there are some people in this world that run away from their responsibilities and then refuse to pay child support. So I have to somehow take up the slack. It would be impossible for me to get on my feet in any sort of way without some help unless I clear $60,000 a year. BUT...I have Medicaid for the children and food stamps. That is all. I do not get a welfare check, and I ask NO ONE to pay my light bill. I work with family to make ends meet. I have been riding my bike everywhere to get a paying job (since my van broke down), but no one will hire me for the hours I need. I am still inquiring about jobs with no luck. I do not sit back and collect anything. I am constantly trying to work and do just fine struggling through the hard times because God provides... WORK! I do plumbing and electrical and I am a writer when I am out of work. I know that I have to stay busy or I could lose everything. I have lost everything many times only to climb back onto my feet a take the reigns again.

To those who are cheering because you get to live free off the people that are working super hard just to put food on the table, you need to stop making poor people look bad just because you're a mooch! Get off your....behind and start living. Your purpose is not to sit at home and look at the damn wall when you have children looking up to you. Show them how they should be, not how to be dysfunctional. I don't give a rats behind what color, size, or sex you are, stop be idiots.

And to the folks that are labeling ALL poor people as leaches, you ARE discriminating but not against a race. Against a circumstance and a financial level. You have no clue what many single parents have to do to make it everyday. I will do anything that is legal and dignified in order to take care of my babies. I am the only one they have. Am I entitled to services, no. I hate having to receive them, because it reminds me everyday that I cannot do it all myself.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Obamacare Enrollment Website Down Again

Early Sunday, the Obamacare website shut down due to (surprise!) more technical glitches. The data center lost its connection with the Government's data service hub, knocking out the database for the entire U.S., delaying enrollment for millions of people even longer. The administration has no clue when this round of defects are to be repaired but still claims to be able to get the site up and running by the mid December deadline.

So, the question to weigh on our minds is what happens if we still have no insurance come January 1? To-be-sure, the lot of Americans will have be dropped from their boss' insurance by then. There are people that have ongoing conditions to maintain, like diabetes and cancer, who have put their faith in the promises made by the President that they will receive "affordable" health care, people whose lives depend on being able to pay that co-pay.



Saturday, October 26, 2013

Atheist Volunteers Banned in SC

In the not so far away town of Spartenburg, South Carolina, volunteers of a group called Upstate Atheists were recently turned from volunteering at a soup kitchen. The director stated that the ministry stands for the principles of God and claimed that she would rather quit her job than to allow an Atheist help out in the kitchen among other brass remarks. The shunned group didn't give up, and decided to take another approach, by making care packages and handing them out right across from the soup kitchen, raising over $2,000.

I would like to ask my Christian friends, do you think this ministry is actually functioning on the basis of our Lord and Savior? Would you have banned this group? And to my Atheists friends, does this story make you feel any different towards Christians in general? And to all, do you think that religion should be considered when signing up for a ministry?




Friday, October 25, 2013

Pink House Publicity Stunt or Genuine Tribute?

The evening of Thursday October 24, 2013, in order to pay tribute to breast cancer awareness month (October), lights of a pink hue were cast over the face of the Executive Manson and the Naval Observatory. This event is posted on the White House Blog, followed by statements thanking Obamacare for covering all preventative "out-of-pocket" costs for women involving mammograms and wellness checks, as well as no pre-existing condition restrictions.

As I read each piece, I started to wonder if this was a marketing strategy instead of a honoring survivors and families that have suffered because of the deadly illness. Does the president actually care about the health of women and doing what is necessary to push for that "cancer-free world"?

As women we need to be informed of the details of this plan.  so we aren't just looking at our government through rose-colored lighting, but knowing what to expect.

If you are a breast cancer patient that has signed up for Obamacare, I would like to hear from you.  How is the plan working in connection with your treatment and financial situation? I would also like to hear from women in general who receive preventative care under the Affordable Care Act. Please comment below.



Getting to The Bottom of It

In the Fox News report, Getting to the Bottom of It, the ever bold Bill O'Reilly stated that many Americans do not really care how our country is being run. He also noted that the only reason the Obamacare fiasco has caught our attention may be because it directly affects our healthcare and our wallets. Follow the link below to view the video:


Do you believe the country is covering its eyes to the chaos? Or, maybe you believe that Americans are just afraid of confrontation. Comment below and tell me what you think.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Is this the Beginning of the End?


 Super storms, meteors, plagues, wars, and rumors of wars. And to top it off, a comet that caused a surprise meteor shower is making its second coming. To add to the distress, China is buying us out and the government is breaking apart. All in one year. I am starting to hear neutral sources quote The Bible, relating this year's events to The Book of Revelation. Nostradamus' predictions are also being cited.  I want to know what you think. Is the Apocalypse among us?