Saturday, October 26, 2013

Atheist Volunteers Banned in SC

In the not so far away town of Spartenburg, South Carolina, volunteers of a group called Upstate Atheists were recently turned from volunteering at a soup kitchen. The director stated that the ministry stands for the principles of God and claimed that she would rather quit her job than to allow an Atheist help out in the kitchen among other brass remarks. The shunned group didn't give up, and decided to take another approach, by making care packages and handing them out right across from the soup kitchen, raising over $2,000.

I would like to ask my Christian friends, do you think this ministry is actually functioning on the basis of our Lord and Savior? Would you have banned this group? And to my Atheists friends, does this story make you feel any different towards Christians in general? And to all, do you think that religion should be considered when signing up for a ministry?



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