Monday, October 28, 2013

Obamacare Enrollment Website Down Again

Early Sunday, the Obamacare website shut down due to (surprise!) more technical glitches. The data center lost its connection with the Government's data service hub, knocking out the database for the entire U.S., delaying enrollment for millions of people even longer. The administration has no clue when this round of defects are to be repaired but still claims to be able to get the site up and running by the mid December deadline.

So, the question to weigh on our minds is what happens if we still have no insurance come January 1? To-be-sure, the lot of Americans will have be dropped from their boss' insurance by then. There are people that have ongoing conditions to maintain, like diabetes and cancer, who have put their faith in the promises made by the President that they will receive "affordable" health care, people whose lives depend on being able to pay that co-pay.


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