Friday, October 25, 2013

Pink House Publicity Stunt or Genuine Tribute?

The evening of Thursday October 24, 2013, in order to pay tribute to breast cancer awareness month (October), lights of a pink hue were cast over the face of the Executive Manson and the Naval Observatory. This event is posted on the White House Blog, followed by statements thanking Obamacare for covering all preventative "out-of-pocket" costs for women involving mammograms and wellness checks, as well as no pre-existing condition restrictions.

As I read each piece, I started to wonder if this was a marketing strategy instead of a honoring survivors and families that have suffered because of the deadly illness. Does the president actually care about the health of women and doing what is necessary to push for that "cancer-free world"?

As women we need to be informed of the details of this plan.  so we aren't just looking at our government through rose-colored lighting, but knowing what to expect.

If you are a breast cancer patient that has signed up for Obamacare, I would like to hear from you.  How is the plan working in connection with your treatment and financial situation? I would also like to hear from women in general who receive preventative care under the Affordable Care Act. Please comment below.



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