Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I am sick to death of people in this country acting like they are entitled to the services that the government offers and boasting about it! Yes, I am a single mother of 4 children and I HAVE to get some assistance because there are some people in this world that run away from their responsibilities and then refuse to pay child support. So I have to somehow take up the slack. It would be impossible for me to get on my feet in any sort of way without some help unless I clear $60,000 a year. BUT...I have Medicaid for the children and food stamps. That is all. I do not get a welfare check, and I ask NO ONE to pay my light bill. I work with family to make ends meet. I have been riding my bike everywhere to get a paying job (since my van broke down), but no one will hire me for the hours I need. I am still inquiring about jobs with no luck. I do not sit back and collect anything. I am constantly trying to work and do just fine struggling through the hard times because God provides... WORK! I do plumbing and electrical and I am a writer when I am out of work. I know that I have to stay busy or I could lose everything. I have lost everything many times only to climb back onto my feet a take the reigns again.

To those who are cheering because you get to live free off the people that are working super hard just to put food on the table, you need to stop making poor people look bad just because you're a mooch! Get off your....behind and start living. Your purpose is not to sit at home and look at the damn wall when you have children looking up to you. Show them how they should be, not how to be dysfunctional. I don't give a rats behind what color, size, or sex you are, stop be idiots.

And to the folks that are labeling ALL poor people as leaches, you ARE discriminating but not against a race. Against a circumstance and a financial level. You have no clue what many single parents have to do to make it everyday. I will do anything that is legal and dignified in order to take care of my babies. I am the only one they have. Am I entitled to services, no. I hate having to receive them, because it reminds me everyday that I cannot do it all myself.

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