Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catching Up With the Kardashians

Each season, millions of viewers grab their phone and scramble to the television to catch the next Kardashian break up as they religiously Tweet the action. I am not one of them. To sum my relationship with this hit E! reality phenomenon, I guess you could say that I am a Kardashian dummy. I barely know the names of any of them let alone whom they date or marry. There is not a single episode that I have fully viewed. Why? Well, that is a great question. I do know that there are other dummies like me. So, in order to get all of us up-to-par on the popular show, I have gathered the scoop on this family and their shenanigans, so you won't be out of the loop when your friends start raving over the drama.

The Back Story

This will be quick and painless so hang on tight.

Rich Robert Kardashian meets not so rich Kris Houghton and they marry in 1978. During their 12 years of marriage they have 4 kids ( Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob) and Kris allegedly has mad affairs including the one with Bruce Jenner, Olympian cool guy, in 1990. And, yes he was on a Wheaties box.

Robert finds out about Bruce, develops anger issues, and files for divorce. After a nasty little tiff over money the papers are signed and not a month later Kris and Bruce are hitched.  Jenner comes into the family with 4 children of his own ( Burt, Brody, Brandon, Casey) which were conceived by 2 former wives.

Great, now I have that Brady Bunch song stuck in my head! Anyway...

Kris and Bruce ended up spitting out 2 more babies together ( Kendell and Kylie). Kris becomes an author and socialite in that time and they build a huge family empire. Robert moves on to defend O.J. on the "Dream Team" in 1995, remarries, and sadly passes in 2003 from cancer of the esophagus.

Update: As of the month of late 2013, Kris and Bruce have split. I am not sure how long that will last.

I am now thinking they should have started this show long before 2007, but there has been plenty of drama to make up for lost...um...drama.

Now for the Complicated Part: The Kids


The oldest of Kris' children, she is a college graduate, fashion designer gone socialite and business woman. In 2004, she starred in the show Filthy Rich, Cattle Drive for charity and has appeared in all of the family's reality shows. She has 2 children with long time BF Scott Disick. One of which was which was used to pull Kourtney into a scandalous paternity battle that ended up to be only gossip.  According to hear-say the couple is totally "not interested" in tying the knot at this time.


Kim is the second Kardashian kid and arguably promiscuous. As a teen in 2000, she eloped with 30 year old producer Damon Thomas. Then dated and did some dirty deeds on tape with Ray J (Brandi's little Brother) in 2003, but did not get divorced until 2004 which was due to the alleged abuse from her hubby. This was her first reality show. I'm kidding. After the taped was revealed in 2007, Keeping Up With the Kardashians debuted. Luckily The case of the amateur porno was settled out of court for a whopping 5 million bucks.

She since has posed for Playboy, starred in a movie (Disaster Movie and true to its name), was the producer of another reality show, appeared on various sitcoms, and was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. She and her sisters also came out with a sunless tanning product, among other small projects and was involved in a law suit here and there. Has dated about a variety of known stars and athletes since 2007 including the 72 day marriage to NBA cutie, Kris Humphries. She is now  Kanye West and they have one child.


The third Kardashian kid is an actress, fashion designer, and in many business ventures such as teeth whitening products, family jewelry line, and clothing lines. Khloe also has her own radio show called "Mix it Up With Khloe Kardashian Odem". Arrested in 2007for a DUI,  She was ordered 30 days jail time and alcohol treatment. Due to the horrendous overcrowding of the local jail, she was released in 3 hours that same day. She was sued in 2009 for assaulting a transsexual and was involved in a marketing suit with sister Kim. She wed NBA athlete jock Lamar Odem in 2009. They are still together and have no children.


Robert Junior is the last of Kris' original bunch. He is a business graduate and known executive , model and, of course, a television personality. He has dated a few actresses, some of which appeared with him on Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Adrienne Bailon). He also has SERIOUS organizational skills or OCD issues, you decide. Also Rob was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. He was also involved in a scuffle with the paparazzi. He was charged with assault and battery among some other small charges that were thrown into the mix. He and the plaintiff has since, settled out on the case and the charges have been dropped.

Kendell and Kylie Jenner

These two youngsters have appeared, of course on the family sitcoms and have walked the runway for clothing lines such as Hello Kitty, Avril Levine, and designers like Sherri Hill. They have been featured in Teen Vogue, Ok!, and Seventeen. The Kardashian legacy has definitely rubbed of on the Jenner teens. They have their own official website, and even hosted red carpet events together.

Comment your opinion on the Kardashian bunch below!

 Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs Sundays at 9pm on E!

For more information on the family visit www.eonline.com.


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Happy Holidays!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Sweetie" Decoy Brings 1000 Pedophiles to Justice

This is Sweetie. She is a virtual Filipino child created by the Dutch, anti-abuse group Terre de Hommes meaning in rough translation, "Earth Men". This program has captured 1000 dirty rotten scoundrels in their quest to pay for cyber sex with her and other underage children.

This is a widespread problem that plagues the online world every second of the day. Many of the children that participate in these acts are forced to perform for men after being lured into prostitution while in search of legitimate work. Many of the poverty stricken children led into this life are Filipino. Which made 10 year old Sweetie, perfect for the project.

Unfortunately, there are millions of predators that go unseen and continue to violate some one's baby on a daily basis. Hopefully, programs like this one will foil these disturbed men.

This video gives you a look inside the Sweetie Project. What are your thoughts on the project and is there a concern that privacy is being violated? Or, does it matter since a crime is being stopped? Comment below. Viewer desertion please.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reverend Suspended By the Church For Marrying Off Gay Son

Reverend Frank Schaefer of Spring City, Pennsylvania was suspended for 30 days, Monday for the performance of a same sex wedding involving his own son.

During his response on the matter, he stated, "nowhere in the Bible does it prohibit a loving, homosexual, and committed relationship". He has also claimed to have been called by God to be an advocate for all gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual people. He said that we are to love and care for everyone and stop hurting the children of God.

Now, I'm no pastor but I love research, so I took it upon myself to include some Bible verses on the issue of same sex unions and sexuality:

  • Leviticus 18:22- man on man sex is detestable.
  • Romans 1:26, 27- sex with the same gender is a shameful lust and same sex relations are unnatural.
  • 1 Corinthians 6:9- men that have sex with men, will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Genesis 2:24 and Ephesians 5:23-33- speak of the traditional marriage.
There were more but I got lazy.

What is your take on the situation? Should the Reverend be commended or suspended?  Please remember that everyone has a right to their own opinion and belief. So play nice.



Monday, November 18, 2013

Twisters Rip Away the Midwest

Devastation swept across the Midwest this Sunday, with a strand of tornadoes, leaving 6 people dead and many more injured. Entire neighborhoods were demolished in minutes, leaving little time for preparation. Many could only scamper to their basements and hope for the best.

By the time the chaos subsided, families stepped out on to the streets only to see miles of flattened debris, which once had been their homes and vehicles. Streets were unrecognizable. Also affected by these severe storms were Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Firefighters and emergency crews were dispatched immediately to clear rubble and carry out rescue searches. In the midst of the danger, local doctors set up emergency care sites to treat the injured, and even went out on recovery searches to find survivors themselves. In times of distress, the heroes emerge, even if their capes are only white coats.

How To Help
If you would like to inquire about donating to the victims of this disaster, contact the Red Cross at redcross.org or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS. You can also contact the Salvation Army at 1-800-456-4483. If you would like to be a local volunteer in the relief of the aftermath you can find many opportunities at http://www.illinois.gov/ready/after/Pages/Volunteer-Opportunities.aspx.

If you have a personal experience related to this story, I want to hear about it. Comment below. Any added resources and prayer shout-outs are also welcome.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ridiculous Laws: A Series: Denmark

My first instinct was to proudly and sarcastically explain the bizarre North Carolina laws first, because it is only expected that I start at home. However, this “ridiculous” law intrigued me.  In Denmark, you have to, by law, check under your car for a sleeping child before you crank up. Strange but true.

I thought, there has to be some tragic story behind this law, but there isn’t. The only logical reason the law would be in affect is that the parents of Denmark allow their children to sleep outside. It is perfectly normal to see carriages sitting out on the sidewalks or in the courtyards.

Of course, in the U.S., that concept would spark fury in the hearts of women everywhere, causing them to, simultaneously phone Child Protective Services. There is even a case of a Denmark woman, arrested in Manhattan for parking her kid outside while she had a drink.  

Do you think this is a justifiable law? If so, why? Comment below. I would love to discuss the topic.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Ridiculous Laws: A series: Euthanasia For Kids

I have been trying to come up with some logical reason as to why Belgium would expand the right of euthanasia...to Children, as reported today by NBC News. Apparently their government is okay with killing children in a Nazi fashion, but as a mother, I know that this concept is completely ridiculous.

Children do not have the brain capacity to make decision involving life or death. Most have no understanding of death until ages 5-7. if a child has a terminal disease, I understand (I use the word "understand" lightly) that he or she would be in pain and may be tired of fighting. But instead of actively killing the child, they could just stop treatment and provide the child with pain relief until they pass naturally and I say this not as approval for the death of any child, it is only in comparison to the situation. Even that would be better than suicide from a distance, or legal murder...whatever you want to call it. A grant is involved, which means doctors are actually being funded to kill these children. The parents are to sign off in approval in order for it to be done. I understand people are allowed to vote in Belgium, so I would think that parents would protest this idea in some way, since the lives of their children are involved.

Is this a reasonable solution to suffering or just a form of population control? Tell me your thoughts on this issue.