Friday, November 1, 2013

Ridiculous Laws: A series: Euthanasia For Kids

I have been trying to come up with some logical reason as to why Belgium would expand the right of Children, as reported today by NBC News. Apparently their government is okay with killing children in a Nazi fashion, but as a mother, I know that this concept is completely ridiculous.

Children do not have the brain capacity to make decision involving life or death. Most have no understanding of death until ages 5-7. if a child has a terminal disease, I understand (I use the word "understand" lightly) that he or she would be in pain and may be tired of fighting. But instead of actively killing the child, they could just stop treatment and provide the child with pain relief until they pass naturally and I say this not as approval for the death of any child, it is only in comparison to the situation. Even that would be better than suicide from a distance, or legal murder...whatever you want to call it. A grant is involved, which means doctors are actually being funded to kill these children. The parents are to sign off in approval in order for it to be done. I understand people are allowed to vote in Belgium, so I would think that parents would protest this idea in some way, since the lives of their children are involved.

Is this a reasonable solution to suffering or just a form of population control? Tell me your thoughts on this issue.


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