Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Sweetie" Decoy Brings 1000 Pedophiles to Justice

This is Sweetie. She is a virtual Filipino child created by the Dutch, anti-abuse group Terre de Hommes meaning in rough translation, "Earth Men". This program has captured 1000 dirty rotten scoundrels in their quest to pay for cyber sex with her and other underage children.

This is a widespread problem that plagues the online world every second of the day. Many of the children that participate in these acts are forced to perform for men after being lured into prostitution while in search of legitimate work. Many of the poverty stricken children led into this life are Filipino. Which made 10 year old Sweetie, perfect for the project.

Unfortunately, there are millions of predators that go unseen and continue to violate some one's baby on a daily basis. Hopefully, programs like this one will foil these disturbed men.

This video gives you a look inside the Sweetie Project. What are your thoughts on the project and is there a concern that privacy is being violated? Or, does it matter since a crime is being stopped? Comment below. Viewer desertion please.

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