Saturday, December 14, 2013

Foods That Increase Sex Drive

Author’s Note: Please try to ignore the ridiculous amount of sexual puns in the text. Thank you.

Sex is one of the most intimate and passionate activities in the world. The original reason for the act was to multiply for survival, but human beings now participate in intimacy for purpose of bonding emotionally and obviously, having fun. For the sexual procedure to work effectively, it will involve the libido, which is the sex drive, or the orgasmic urge, feelings, and ambiances involved with sex. As you age, the libido can slowly diminish, due to mid-life body changes (or crises) such as menopause and loss of testosterone. Hormone or testosterone treatments are common substitutes for low drive; however, there is an instinctive method. It’s called eating.
These foods can help to replace the nutrients that increase that libido, making way for more “doin’ it”.
Anyone that knows me understands why this at the top of all my food lists!

The romantic connection between sex and chocolate is famous worldwide (Valentine’s Day). This is because the phenyethylamine and theobromine in the sweet, give you feelings of adoration. Phenyethylamine is a natural component found in the cocoa bean. It kindles the nervous system and as a result, increases sexual desire and function. Theobromine is an energizer that is kind of like caffeine and doubles as a mild anti-depressant by triggering endorphins, calming anxiety and stress.
Bananas contain many special nutrients that get your pants dancing, such as the bromelain enzyme, also in pineapple juice. Enzymes make life-supporting cells. Bromelain aids in digestion by quickly breaking down proteins in your body. It also reverses impotence or a lack in the ability to reach or keep an erection. Bananas also contain protein and B vitamins, more precisely vitamin B6. This B rouses the androgenic gland, which is involved in the growth of the male testes and tells them to make testosterone.

Watermelon is a great sexual motivation boosting food that operates as a biological male enhancer. This tasty and succulent melon is packed with amino acids. On top of making that desired protein, it improves blood flow to the man area, by dilating vessels and bringing on an erection. Just a few slices of watermelon gives you the same exciting results as the little blue pill (yes, that one). Watermelon also contains oxytocin, a molecule that act as endorphins. This hormone effects human emotion. It is freed during acts of intimate interaction such as snuggling and caressing. Oxytocin is said to be the influence of strong relationships.

Named by Aztecs as the “testicle tree”, its bared fruit, avocados have lived up to the brand not only by shape but also by the effects on the libido. Like bananas, they contain the B vitamins and proteins that get those hormones flowing in men and women. Menopause, which is the disturbance of the menstruation cycle due to the wearying of ovaries, reducing desire for sex and affecting the physical aspects of sexual interest such as vaginal moisture. Avocados lessen the impression of menopause by stimulating the thyroid gland, increasing arousal in women.

Heightening the libido is essential in bonding us within our relationships and for child rearing. As we age, the declining sex drive can cause problems in the bedroom and for overall health. Mid-life conditions make arousal difficult to reach, which makes the situation worse. These foods contain the nutrients you need to replenish that mojo.

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