Friday, December 13, 2013

Good Ol' H2O

This is a modified excerpt from a 2000 word report I did for a client on the benefits of water. I will be adding more sample of my health blog topics in the near future. This was Not the title....just sayin.

It has been discovered that water is essential to the beauty of our skin. It helps collagen to support skin tissue, along with renewing skin cells to keep them firm. It also clears dirt, toxins, and waste from pores, allowing natural protective moisturizers to reach to the surface of the skin where it mixes with sweat and lipids (fat) to create a hydrating wall. The skin is not the only beneficiary of water. It provides nourishment to internal cells and organs as well. Keeping you healthy from the inside out.


Weight and Water                                                                                   

Millions of people in the world are now monitoring calorie intake. Some are doing so to keep health issues at bay such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. Others are fighting obesity or just keeping themselves fit. Many of these plans recommend the consumption of water for nutritive benefits such as:

           Cutting calories – the consumption of water before a meal will provides you with that full feeling, and reduces average food intake by about 80 calories. Replacing sodas and other beverages also helps to decrease the consumption.

           Fat burning – water increases the metabolism, which is the speed at which food transforms into life-sustaining vitality. This in turn, allow you to dissolve more of that fat, which gets rid of that age defining, lumpy fat deposits in the skin, also known as cellulite.



Detoxification is another duty that water performs internally. This procedure cleanses organs and carries waste out of the body. Failing to drink enough water causes central systems to become worn or clogged. Bacteria build up in the bladder may lead to infection and constipation may occur. However washing away this buildup can extend longevity of life by preventing diseases from settling inside the body.


Oxygen and Water

Breathing is the process of drawing in and exhaling oxygen while carrying it to cells of the body through the lungs. Oxygen contains water vapor, carbon dioxide, and energy, which are made through the biochemical practice of respiration. During respiration, water is considered excess waste and is released into the blood. It then attaches itself to cells in the body, replenishing needed oxygen and nutrients.



Healthy Joints

It is also a natural lubricant for joints that relieves pain and inflexibility. Cartilage is the elastic tissue in between bones that protects them from abrasion and damage. It is a connective tissue that consists of 85% water, meaning that if you don’t hydrate enough, joints could become irritated and painful with movement. This could lead to more serious problems involving bone and muscle health. That is why maintaining physical well-being is indirectly dependant upon joint health, especially in the elderly. They tend to lose water in the joints more easily.


Health is the epitome of happiness. Water, the mystical, life-sustaining element, is vital to the well-being of every living organism and maintains that stability, which lead to a long and health-filled life.
What are some concerns you have involving water and your health and do you feel you are getting enough? Do you think the traditional 8 glasses a day sustain us as it did before the fitness fad emerged? Tell me your thoughts below. Happy hydrating!

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