Thursday, December 5, 2013

Smart Watches: O..M..G!

I was writing an article on men's fashion must-haves and came across this. I had recently viewed a commercial for it on television, but I paid no mind as to what it was, considering I'm not one to be glued to a screen, if you get me.

I love my phone. I never let it out of my sight and when I do, I freak out like I've lost a kid in the store or something. But, it is bulky and inefficient at times. If it starts ringing in my purse, I am never fast enough to get the darn thing out in time to accept the call. I am always looking for a better phone option, as I know everyone else is. So, coming across this made my heart sing.

It is a watch that does everything your smart phone does, while strapped to your wrist. It is some kind of intelligent little blue tooth. The prices start pretty low as well. They range in price from $55 to an average of $400 (I'm sure there are more expensive ones). They usually are compatible with both the iPhone and android devices.

I want it and thought I would share, because they are super cute.

Let me know if you have one and shoot a review in the comments below. I would like to know if they live up to the concept.

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