Monday, December 23, 2013

Wardrobe Basics: Must-haves For Men

Fashion is a ever-changing industry that prospers upon the next clothing revolution. However, the normal man is not exactly spellbound by the fashions of the runway. They want comfort and suitability, with an easy-going yet bold style.

The Power Suit

Whether you are looking for the next position or pulling that 9 to 5, a striking power suit will give you the self-assurance you need to make the deal or the nerve to ask for that much needed raise. Let them know you are serious with a black or navy colored suit. The grey shades are looking fashionable this season as well. The great thing about a solid suit is that you can simply perk it up with a vibrant tie.


Khakis carry a neutral and refined look that can be enhanced for a semi-formal look or thrown together with a polo style shirt and you are set for play time with the kids at the park. The khaki’s versatile look is universal and conforms to the look you desire. No closet is whole without a pair to link your garments. 


Loafers are convenient slip on shoes that range in styles from casual to business. They look trendy with shorts and sock are optional. They have many names like, ponies and penny loafers, which were given because people would place pennies in the fold on the top of the shoe (obviously a long time ago) to save for pay phone calls.                                                                                                                           

White Button-up

A casual, short or long sleeved white button-up (or down) shirt will bridge every look by carrying a style for endless options. Choose a shirt that portrays your personality, as there are numerous varieties to choose from such as, preppy, formal, or casual.


Guard those baby blues by reflecting glare in style, with a tasteful pair of sunglasses. They add charm to your demeanor and are inexpensive. Whatever your taste, you gotta wear shades to add flare to your look. Be sure to go for quality glasses to ensure that they shield the eyes from any powerful illumination such as UV rays.


Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are the cultural models of clothing that merge comfort and style to any outfit. They have rode on celebrity coat tails to the hall of fashion fame. This must-have is sure to excite any look and give you a little attitude with it. The coat makes jeans classy and gives you the debonair aura that the ladies love.

The Smart Watch                                                                                        

Technology and fashion come together at its finest. The hottest wear are smart watches. They act as a mini iPhone or Android that is continuously strapped to your wrist. By the way, these devices are compatible to both operating systems. Raise your hand and cup you ear to answer a call. It reads the vibrations from your voice when you speak, activating the speakers in the back of the watch to initiate, allowing you to hear the caller. You have access to texting, GPS, music apps and more. They come in the casual style that have brighter colors and the more modernly sophisticated models.

These pieces add flair to all your looks, complete your wardrobe, and provide you with the basic tailored must-haves for every man.

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