Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ways to Keep Monogamy Hot!

In the first stages of a relationship, you and man are more than likely having mind-blowing sex. Everything is new, you are no longer shopping around for a special someone, and after all that dating game business, you're both surging with sexual electricity. But, after a while, things start to slow down in the sack and life does that "go on" thing. Everyone knows that if you're not staying passionate, things can become dull.

To keep things bangin' in the bedroom and in your monogamous relationship, takes maintenance. You must freshen things up and use your imagination so your honey doesn't lose interest. This will allow your romance to blossom into a pleasurable, long-lasting experience that will help you bond physically and emotionally. These tantalizing tips will have him throbbing for some together time and make the sex super exciting!

Flirt Like Crazy

As a former single lady, you know that your alluring charm will tickle his senses and set his mind on you. Be sure to give him those manly compliments that involve his strength, size, and stamina. Men love to hear about how they make you feel physically. Tell him secret things you love about his body; things that you have never told him. Kiss his neck while you whisper to him how good he smells and let him know that he turns you on.

Wine and Dine

A date night is crucial to the growth of your relationship in general. And, you need to remind him of why he asked you to be his woman. If he cannot set the plans, surprise him with dinner, whether it is at home or at a restaurant. At this time, make him forget all the stressful events of the day with your witty jokes and fabulous and continuous smile. Giggle at his jokes and he will feel like a school boy for sure, and believe it or not, he loves the sound of your laugh.

BIG-TIME Foreplay

After a night of flirty fun, take him home, on a mission to please. To-be-sure, he loves to feel your hands all over him, so be all dominant and make him lay down stark naked and give him an awesome full-body massage. He will not be able to hide his smile while you give him tons of this physical attention. Use your power here to tease his body by touching him intimately as well but don't over do it yet. When you get down to the serious foreplay, use your tongue to make him crazy over you. Making out is a great way to work you both up without spoiling the passion. Be sure to lick all the cut lines on his body and throw in some petting. This will light his fire.

Get Dirty

Sometimes your partner needs to feel like he is single, to give him that feeling of excitement. To satisfy this urge you need to do some things that may be out of your normal character. Instead of the usual methods of undressing the normal missionary position, get a little bold.

 Perform a strip tease that will leave him wondering where you got those moves. Stripper fitness programs will help you to prepare for this type of treat. And, brush up on your position and technique knowledge, then let him have it by surprise, of course. You can even use videos and toys to entice him further, just be sure that he is into it.

Ladies, these steps are sure to keep him wanting you, even after he has seen you in sweat pants. If you have some additional tips, tell me about them in the comments below. I would also love to hear how these tips benefited you.  Be sure to like and share...Kisses! 

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